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Museum Quality Restorations.
        My email address: twobitslots1@aol.com     I am taking on restoration and repair projects and am devoting as much time as I possibly can to complete them in a timely fashion, usually in two to four weeks.  The best way to contact me is through my email address listed above as I check it several times a day.  I do have a cell phone but have a bad habit of setting it down somewhere and can never find it. If the air compressor is on, I'll never hear it ring.  Just leave a message and I'll do my best to get back to you.
Sincerely,  Jeff Frahm

       We are on the move once again.  Please make note of our soon to be new address !        


     Professional Antique Slot Machine Repair and Restoration Service 





       Our new mailing address on May 6th, 2020 will be:

              Two-Bit Restorations

              1093 Winter Lake Drive

              Fenton, MO  63026

      New Phone Number:    314-910-9346

Notice:  I have a new email address!!!!  twobitslots1@aol.com  I will be checking this daily!

Established in 1995, Two-Bit Restorations specializes in the repair and restoration of antique coin operated gambling devices and slot machines
dating from the 1890s throught the early 1950s.  I specialize in the restoration of the Bally Reliance and Buckley Bones and the Mills Dice machines as well as the Mills Dewey and Chicago floor model uprights from the turn of the last century.  All other mechanical slot machines are welcome on my bench,too!  Especially trade stimulators and Arcade devices.  Take a look at the next five pages to see just a small example of the machines that have been brought back to life in my shop.

    The value of antique slot machines has skyrocketed over the past forty years.   You can maximize the investment potential of your antique machine by having it repaired or restored back to its original factory condition. 
    Slot machines have been my passion since acquiring my first machine back in 1958.  I have been a full time slot machine mechanic and restorer since l971.  My first company, founded in 1973, Speakeasy Antiques was located in Kirkwood, Missouri.  In 1979, upon legalization of private ownership and possession of antique slot machines, I became a co-founder of the St. Louis Slot Machine Company, performing repairs and restoration work as well as managing the shop.   I retired from the St. Louis Slot Machine Company in 1995, moved to Colorado and founded "Two-Bit Restorations".   From the beginning, it has been my goal to perform museum quality restorations and repairs on any type of mechanical antique slot machine at a fair cost to my customers.

Buckley Bones

Five Cent Bally Reliance

Bally Reliance with Rare Jackpot Front attachment

A recent restoration project.
(Click to enlarge.)

Cabinet interior

Interior, back side of Reliance Mechanism

The Bally Reliance and Buckley Bones dice machines have increased in value faster than most people can imagine!

I'll do it right, or I won't do it at all!

Mills Dewey with Jackpot